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Ep. 31: Texas developer John Marlin, “Elevon will sell 500+ homes in 2024”

Episode 31 of the Alosant Innovator Series spotlights John Marlin, the Founder & CEO of MA Partners. 


In this episode, April and John dive into MA Partners' newest project, Elevon. John chats about the details of the land planning process, giving us some great insights on how they're putting together a variety of home designs and amenities that could suit folks from all walks of life.


John walks us through his early years prior to forming MA Partners, from humble beginnings in Melbourne FL to providing much needed development support in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.  He shares being drawn to entrepreneurship at an early age, his fearless approach to tackling new challenges and value from a strong mentor.


John shares his passion for creating spaces that embody the spirit of community. His commitment to instilling a profound sense of community and capturing the essence of where people live shines through in this conversation about Elevon.

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