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Ep. 32: Storytelling in real estate, with Jaimee Reinertsen of SparkFire Branding

Episode 32 of The Alosant Innovator Series delves into the world of real estate marketing with Jaimee Reinertsen, Principal & Creative Director at SparkFire Branding. 

With a rich background in marketing, specifically in real estate and MPC branding, Jaimee brings a wealth of experience and invaluable insights into understanding the psychology of real estate consumers.

Throughout the episode, Jaimee passionately describes herself as a storyteller, emphasizing her dedication to documenting the distinctive stories of communities and their members. This approach serves as a powerful strategy to connect with potential customers on a deeper level.

Jaimee sheds light on the unique challenges faced by real estate marketers. She shares her perspectives on the tools they deploy to overcome these challenges and explains how and why they work.


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