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Ep. 33: Deborah Blake talks about opportunities in today's active adult market

Welcome to Episode 33 of the Alosant Innovator Series! We're joined by Deborah Blake, Principal at The Ipsum Group. With decades of experience in 55+ active adult real estate development, Deborah shares her thoughts on the market and how it is evolving.  


Today’s 55+ buyers are less interested in “retirement” than “what’s next”.  Deborah explores the value of doing thorough research that may reveal opportunities for relevance, like enabling self-funded passion projects, encouraging giving back and incorporating ‘“Blue Zones” inspiration. 


Deborah and April begin by talking about the "Baby Boomer" generation. They dive into why these folks aren't all the same and break up some common stereotypes about them. The latest 55+ adults are shaking up the traditional retirement scene, and Deborah is perfectly positioned to stay on top of these changes.


Deborah digs into why it's crucial to focus on more than demographics. She explains the importance of understanding their interests and needs. Using examples from Amblebrook, in Gettysburg, PA, she shares real-world  wellness partnerships and amenities using biophilic design principles.


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