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Ep. 10: Mollie Carmichael discusses the impact of VR on master planned communities

Welcome back to the Alosant Innovator Series. In our tenth episode, host April LaMon is joined by Mollie Carmichael, Principal at Zonda, for a conversation on the intersection between research and home building, and how virtual reality and the metaverse is forever changing the way homes are shown, bought, and sold.

Mollie Charmicheal is a Principal on the Advisory team at Zonda. Her work at Zonda covers an entire spectrum of research, development, home building, marketing, strategy, acquisitions, and more.

It is with no doubt that mentions of the Metaverse and Virtual or Augmented Reality have consumed much of the internet since COVID-19. Introduced to VR from her son, Mollie discusses her take on how VR has and will continue to shift how homes are shown, bought, and sold. For master planned communities, Mollie sees a large opportunity for master planned communities to build virtual environments where potential residents can walk the community, explore amenities, view model homes, and more right from their desktop of VR headset.

For the potential resident Mollie sees how, through the proper application of VR, confidence can be instilled and the decision to buy can be de-risked by providing a life-like, easy to navigate experience that is accessible on any device. The efficiency and accessibility that virtual reality provides the real estate industry is grand, and since the start of COVID Mollie has seen a shift towards the attention that leading firms are placing on integrating VR into their marketing and sales strategies.


About Mollie

Mollie began her career in development, then home building, before finding a role grounded in consulting that combines her development and home building experiences with her passion for consulting and market research. For the past 16 years as a Principal at Zonda, Mollie works on consumer research, strategy, planning, finance, advisory, and much more. Mollie’s commitment to primary research has cemented her expertise in providing firms with the knowledge they need to be successful.


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