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Ep. 11: Christen Johnson discusses the future of collaboration between development and marketing

Welcome back to the Alosant Innovator Series. For the second episode in Women’s History Month, host April LaMon is joined by Christen Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Johnson Development Corp.

Christen and April discuss the future of collaboration between marketing and development teams, JDC’s commitment to sustainability and how that translates into community design, and finally how Johnson Development Corp is leveraging technology like community branded apps to extend their brands and activate resident engagement.

Since starting her current position in 2016, Christen has seen the collaboartion between development and marketing change drastically. Years ago, land development teams would hand over projects after they were complete, and marketing would have to fill in the gaps.

Now a new standard for the future exists, in which the most successful communities craft a story, a fabric in which residents are excited to be a part of and represent. This expectation catalyzed development, lifestyle, operations, marketing, and other key teams to collboarate before stakes go in the ground to ensure that all pillars of the project are connected, creating this succinct experience for the home shopper, guest, and resident.

Christen’s favorite part of her role is bringing sketches and early ideas to life, knowing that people and their families will enjoy the community for decades to come.

When asked about the role of technology throughout JDC’s communities, Christen was quick to acknowledge that the use of tasteful, usable, relevant technology at communities is what ignities lifestyle, programming, and operations.

JDC communities leverage community branded apps that bring everything from events, dinner reservations, digital access credentials, info, and much more all into one branded mobile app.

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