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Ep. 15: Alosant Innovator SeriesPfil Hunt
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Ep. 15: Pfil Hunt demystifies special district financing for MPCs

Welcome back to the Alosant Innovator Series. In our 15th episode, host April LaMon is joined by Pfilip Hunt, Partner at Wrathell Hunt & Associates. 


In this episode, Pfil demystifies special district financing options for master planned communities, and talks more specifically about why developers leverage these tools, the upside for those involved in said project, and more. 


Special Districts are a way for developers to fund public infrastructure like bridges, roads, water, and infrastructure using tax-exempt municipal bonds. 


If you’re a developer exploring different financing options, Pfil describes this tool is most appropriate when you have a heavy infrastructure cost spread across many units (minimum thresholds approx. 300 resident units, 300-400k sqft on a commercial project).


Wrathell Hunt & Associates are working on a few large-scale urban infill projects in the Miami area, of which include Midtown Miami and Miami Worldcenter.


Looking ahead, Wrathell Hunt & Associates have their sights set on creating a CDD law in the legislature of Georgia and Tennessee and get these financing tools available for developers in those states to foster more development.

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