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Ep. 16: Baby Boomers: A new way of thinking about aging

The latest episode of the ⁠Alosant Innovator Series⁠ features a conversation between host ⁠April LaMon⁠ and Dan Hutson, Head of Marketing at Priya Living. Dan and April discuss a new way of thinking about aging for Baby Boomers. 


In this conversation, Dan challenges the industry to think differently about the lived environment for Baby Boomers. Dan's passion for this population is evident as he brings many powerful insights to how we understand the needs of seniors. With the human life expectancy on the rise, Dan explains what could be the future of designed environments for seniors to feel fulfilled, inspired, healthy, and creative. Dan calls the industry to action to mix the real estate and experience angles of senior living to provide a more unique experience for Baby Boomers in their last 30 years of life. 


Priya Living focuses on combining culturally-relevant elements of their Indian-American target audience with what’s relevant to people later in life. In addition to a physical lived experience, Priya Living offers products and services that serve key emotional needs of those living in their third stage of life.


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The Alosant Innovator Series is presented by Alosant Azul, the scalable access control platform that seamlessly allows your residents to explore your entire community without ever needing a key fob. Learn how and why you should have mobilized access control for your community.

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