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Ep. 17: Who's buying homes right now, & what matters most to them.

This episode of the Alosant Innovator Series features a conversation between host April LaMon and Barbara Wray, SVP of Strategic Growth at Wick Marketing. 


Barbara recently completed a study of homebuyers who purchased in the last 15 months as interest rates began to rise. The study takes an in-depth look at the attitudinal landscape of who’s buying right now and why.

In this conversation, Barbara breaks down what made them buy, insights from their purchase experience, and how we can better connect with prospects. 


On June 29, Barbara will be sharing the full results of the study plus more insights on Beyond Buyer Profiles & Demographics: Who Is Buying Homes Now and Why. We highly recommend tuning in to this conversation. Learn more and register for the webinar below.


Beyond Buyer Profiles & Demographics: Who Is Buying Homes Now and Why

June 29 @ 9am PST

Location: Zoom


Join us as we unpack the results of our brand-new study of homebuyers who purchased after interest rates began to rise. Hear what motivated them to buy anyway and about their homebuying experience overall. Importantly, learn how you can leverage those insights with the prospects in your pipeline now and in the months ahead. 


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About Barbara

Barbara’s 18 years of driving results for homebuilding and master-planned community clients informs work across Wick Marketing. Barbara is responsible for the strategic growth of both the team’s real estate industry knowledge, as well as the agency’s new business development. 


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