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Ep. 19: Senior living as a service with Matt Thornhill

In this episode, host April LaMon, Co-founder and CEO of Alosant is joined by Matt Thornhill, Founder of Cozy Home Community. 


Matt has spent his career understanding the behavior of older adults. Matt ran a think tank called The Boomer Project, where he helped big companies like Nasa, Hersheys, and Google understand the boomer generation.


In 2020 Matt founded Cozy Home Community. Back in 2016, senior care facilities began reaching out to Matt to understand older adults better. Through the research and interaction with these facilities, Matt saw an opportunity to do senior living differently.


Matt saw the senior care industry as bifurcated, with no product for the massive middle. It was clear to Matt that the future of senior living was to provide it as a service. His vision is to build homes for older adults that bring individuals together and bring services to that community. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the first Cozy Home Community going beginning construction this fall, how senior care facilities and universities are looking to leverage the concept, and the creative approach Matt takes to accelerate human connection amongst residents through the Get Cozy profile.


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