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Ep. 23: Craig Collin grapples with macro housing trends leading into 2024

In the 23rd episode of the Alosant Innovator Series, April speaks with Craig Collin, President and COO of Tavistock Development Company. April and Craig share a passion for using real estate development opportunities to create meaningful change in the individual lives of housing residents. 


Craig firmly believes that he and his team are curating not just homes, but communities and lifestyles for their residents to assimilate into. He speaks about the importance of his team, and their diversity, in all aspects of their business. To paraphrase Craig, they don't focus on titles or hierarchy. Instead, they're all passengers in the boat, and will all row together.


Topics covered also include the housing affordability macro trends, the buyer indecision that it creates, exponentially expanding technological advancements and the importance of adapting with them.

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