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Ep. 27: What advice would an industry legend give to their younger self?

The 27th episode of the Alosant Innovator Series is a special episode, which features a compilation of segments from previous podcast guests. In every episode, April asks her guest, “What advice would you give to your 25-year-old self?” Episode 27 highlights and showcases some of the very best answers to that question from the first 26 episodes.


We chose 5 guests to highlight, but there is so much more wisdom contained in the answers from all of the guests we’ve hosted since launching the podcast. If you like what you hear, we encourage you to go back in our episode catalog and find more valuable insights.


Find the full episodes for each of the highlighted guests below.

Rick Severance- Ep. 5: Designing one of the fastest selling master planned communities in the U.S.

Fred Balda- Ep. 7: Fred Balda talks straight about the market, values, and leadership.

Mollie Carmichael- Ep. 10: Mollie Carmichael discusses the impact of VR on master planned communities

Craig Collin- Ep. 23: Craig Collin grapples with macro housing trends leading into 2024

Christina Acuña- Ep. 25: Decentralized approach to development gains traction

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