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Ep. 3: How Moonlight Basin leverages innovative technology to enhance the member experience

In this episode of the Alosant Innovator Series, host April LaMon is joined by Greg Wagner, Assistant General Manager at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, MT.

Greg discusses how the world-class team at Moonlight Basin is using innovative technology such as the newly implemented Alosant Access Connector™ to enable residents to access amenities and spaces with the ease of their smartphones. He also shares how living in Montana keeps him inspired.

The Newly Implemented Alosant Access Connector™ at Moonlight Basin

Moonlight Basin and Alosant partnered to redesign how members and guests access amenities and spaces throughout the community. With the technical expertise  of local provider SAV Digital Environments based in Bozeman, MT, Moonlight Basin is the first community to have fully integrated access control throughout every building in the community. Members, residents, and guests can now shake their smartphone to access ski lockers, gym and pool access points and much more.

In this episode, Greg shines light on the entire process from the many benefits of discontinuing   its fob access system to the tremendous cost savings the new technology has afforded the community. He explains the collaborative nature of the system and how it encourages  the partnership with trusted vendors to maintain the system.

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How Moonlight Basin leverages innovative technology to enhance the member experience

Moonlight Basin strives to provide an authentic, hospitable experience to members, residents, and guests of the community— technology enables them to do that.

In 2020 Moonlight Basin launched its Moonlight Member App powered by the Alosant ResX™ Community Branded App Platform. The app was originally used by members to access club information, book reservations and easily locate contact information for club staff. However, last year, Moonlight Basin implemented the Employee User Role, offering  all staff members access to important  content such as the community’s handbook, schedules, urgent messages, community values and more. As members roam the property, staff is now better equipped to answer questions and provide direction seamlessly.Greg discusses how these little touches go a long way, and how the flexibility of the Alosant ResX™ Community Branded App Platform. allows the Moonlight Basin team to elevate the member experience. 

Where Greg finds inspiration

Being in the company of a world class team helps Greg continually get excited about new challenges and ideas. He credits his team at Moonlight Basin for always striving for the best.He stays curious and is consistently looking for opportunities to improve the overall experience at Moonlight Basin for staff, members, residents and guests.


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