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Ep. 5: Designing one of the fastest selling master planned communities in the U.S.

In this episode, host April LaMon is joined by Rick Severance, Division President at Wellen Park, Mattamy Homes.


Rick discusses how he and the team at Wellen Park are building one of the fastest growing, most environmentally conscious communities in the country. He also discusses how collaboration, fresh perspectives and high energy are key components to designing a multi-generational community that can withstand the test of time. 


Rick joined the Wellen Park team just over three years ago and brings a wealth of industry knowledge with him. His mission: infuse energy, rebrand and create diversification. Rick believes the best master-planned communities in the country are those that have true diversification including single family homes for purchase, multi-family communities for rent, the right mix of healthcare, schools, commercial interest, amenities and a connection to the natural environment. Within the first 90 days of his tenure, he and his team had a plan for Wellen Park’s town center in place. 

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Rick speaks to the importance of quality and why it's at the core of their design process. Whether that means investing more to create a better retail mix or creating “aha” moments that feel distinctive and special, Rick always prefers to err on the side of quality. 


Rick shares his perspective on designing communities around hallmark features. In the case of Wellen Park, building the community around solar technology was essential. He also discusses how he and his team are creating a community that fosters walkability and encourages alternative modes of transportation like bikes, golf carts, electric vehicles and even kayaks. 


Rick is a trusted voice in the industry and has often been commended for creating a collaborative and energetic environment during design charrettes. He prides himself on creating an environment where it is safe to express new ideas and even disagree.  He encourages others, particularly junior-level executives, to have the confidence to  “speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” This cooperative approach has added tremendous value to these hands-on planning meetings. 


About Wellen Park

Wellen Park is a mixed use, master planned development on Florida’s West Coast. Formerly land that was used for cattle ranching and citrus, the land has been transformed today into one of the most advanced, environmentally friendly and interactive communities in the country.


About Rick

Rick finds inspiration everywhere! From traveling around the world to public art and unique branding, Rick believes imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  While he’ll never duplicate what’s been done, he often seeks to create his own unique spin on a great idea. 


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