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Ep. 6: Innovation Way at Babcock Ranch, home building for the future.

Welcome back to the Alosant Innovator Series. In the first episode of season 2, April LaMon is joined by Tom Hoban Owner at Kitson and Partners.


Mission, Vision, and Today at Babcock Ranch

Tom and the many teams working at Babcock Ranch are collectively inspired by the mission of creating great places to live that enrich the lives of those who live there. In this episode, Tom discusses how these teams are collaborating to elevate the innovation throughout new development at Babcock Ranch and how they are successfully facing the challenge of building a town for the future.

Tom has been involved at Babcock Ranch since the inception of the town planning in 2005. Since then, he has seen the plan evolve into one of the largest and most innovative communities in the world. Today, Babcock Ranch is over 18,000 acres with more than 20,000 homes. Seeing first time home buyers and families choose Babcock Ranch continues to validate the grand vision “they” had for the future back in 2005. Babcock Ranch continues to deliver an unprecedented experience to residents through solar power, fiber internet, a school system, the first autonomous shuttle service, and more.

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Innovation at Babcock Ranch

In 2019, Tom went to the executive team at Kitson & Partners and proposed an event that would soon shift the attitude around innovation at Babcock Ranch. Innovation Summit, first held in 2019, was designed to bring the best and brightest in home building together to discuss new ideas for building practices, technology, and more.

A positive byproduct of the first Innovation Summit in 2019 came Innovation Way. Innovation Way is a street in Babcock Ranch dedicated to showcasing homes of the future. Forging partnerships with the largest home builders in the country enabled Babcock Ranch to expand what is feasible with the model homes, putting on display cutting edge features.

The next Innovation Summit will be held in the spring of 2023, and will be more comprehensive to include topics of home building like the last summit, and also include areas of focus on common area, infrastructure, technology, and parks and place.


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