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Ep. 8: Debra Wyatte talks connecting brand pillars to all aspects of a project.

In Ep. 8 of the Alosant Innovator Series, host April LaMon is joined by Debra Wyatte for a conversation on the importance of connecting brand pillars to all aspects of a project, challenges the industry may face with Gen Z buyers entering the market, and more.


President of WE Consulting, Debra explains how she works with communities to examine and align many aspects of the project with their brand pillars. She also discusses how she helps communities measure and analyze this work. 


It is important for master planned communities to create a brand that evokes an emotional connection amongst residents and prospective home buyers. Debra works with communities like Canyon Pines to connect their brand pillars like “Porch to Peak” and “One With The Land” to lifestyle programming and other aspects of the resident experience at the community. 


Debra has observed large shifts in the amenities and lifestyle programs that communities are operating in a post-COVID world. She has observed consumers are now more aware of their needs than ever before, and as a result communities are discovering new ways to meet buyer expectations and activate lifestyle programming to attract buyers. 


When asked about the challenges that the industry may face as Gen Z buyers enter the market, Debra thinks that the industry will face new challenges in sustainability, conversation, and branding and storytelling. As Gen Z buyers enter the market, they are placing more emphasis on those areas in their search for a place to live.


Listen to the full episode for the full conversation. 


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